…this page in constant flux…

so many words….here are some of my recent (and not so recent) favorites…

three cups of tea – mountains moved instead of climbed

life of pi – when you reach the end, which story would you choose….?

the girl who played with fire – i have a crush on both the main characters

eleven minutes – “once upon a time, there was a prostitute called maria”…. paul coelho’s words are magic…

under a thousand suns – the poignant, at times distrubing stories of two women living through the struggles of afghanistan in the last thirty years… (from the same author who wrote the kite runner)

a race against time – stephen lewis (one of my heroes, writes a series of powerful essays. the first begins with ” I have spent the last four years watching people die”….
pattern recognition – from the canadian writer of neuromancer, this newer novel is one of my favorites (and i also fell in love with the protagonist)…
illusions, the adventures of a reluctant messiah – richard bach takes the reader on a simple and profound journey…
some favorite authors…
daphne marlatt
william gibson
manda scott
j.r.r tolkien
ursula le guin
william gibson
anne rice
drew hayden taylor
thomas king
eden robinson
sherman alexcee
minette walters
p.d. james
ian rankin
paul coelho
naomi klein
thomas king

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