so what is it that has me leaving my personal writing for years at a time? I cannot seem to find the balance between professional and personal. I give my time to my professional life these days and i have been writing for that aspect of me. but the words that I want to express here on these virtual still live in my heart and mind. they still yearn for release.

is it that it is too challenging for me to switch back and forth between personal and professional, and that the gears don’t shift that quickly? or is that a challenge that exists only because I’ve created it myself?

i am …. i start to write that i am going to work on creating a better balance, but i recognize that over-used phrase and i understand that writing the intention as if it is going to happen in the future keeps me where i am.

instead, it is happening now…the balance happens now…



wow…it has been a while. i feel like i’m back with an old friend now, this place where i can leave my words…

i have spent an over busy month learning (relearning) the lesson that i need to have balance in my life. very little is worth working as much as i did in the last four weeks….

it has been three months since i packed up my home, put it on the market, moved, and embarked on this new phase of my life. and how do i feel about it?…. well, i that will reveal itself over the nexts months and years….but right now, i’m loving it!

“hot in the city”….

remember that old tune…?

it’s friday night in the city, and waverly and i are all tuckered out. me from unpacking some more, and from the heat – and her from …. sleeping? the last of my boxes and odds and end arrived on monday, about an hour after i got back from whidbey island (see next post), and all i’ve managed to do is move most of them into the ” sun room” for now….. i am soooo looking forward to getting settled in here….

Your Goddess is Romi Kumu

29% Romi_Kumu, 0% Artemis, 14% Brigit, 14% Venus, 14% Tai_Yuan, 14% Laksmi, and 14% Hekat

Your prediction of the future is from Romi Kumu, the South American Goddess of Creation.

Romi Kumu believes that it is time for you to think about yourself. You are not finding happiness because you are spreading yourself too thin and working too hard to please others. You need to focus on your power of making your desires a reality and finding defeat in your compromises that haven’t ended up being compromises at all, but just forgetting what it was that you originally wanted or planned for. Thinking about yourself is not being selfish at this time, but it is necessary to create a sense of inner well being.

You need to feel the power that you have within and use that power to materialize that which you want. Feel powerful!

Find things that bring you satisfaction and with this you will be able to attain your goals. Overcome fear, even though fears are natural, by making the decision to rely on yourself and your inner power. When you do this you can expect new adventures in your life and freedom from a humdrum existence. This will awaken new passions in your life.


When you can look at your own needs and desires for happiness you will discover that you can better bring change and happiness to the people you love and to yourself. Your happiness is not exclusive of theirs. You will embark on a journey of self discovery.

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