“let’s talk about sex baby…”

hmmm…the plethora of pejorative words that exist to describe women who enjoy a sexually active life outside of long term committed monogamous relationships…

oh, double standards abound… first, a man’s drive for sex is expected, life-affirming…while a woman’s…well, about for a bit…what comes to mind…? hmmm…?

and second, explicit sexuality is considered taboo, dangerous….while explicit violence is much less frowned upon….now, if one were to measure the effects of these on these two “actions” on society, which is more inherently destructive?

your thoughts?


the quick and dirty…

well…here goes….

wickedly fun week-end in the city…i could go into details, but you’d never think the same of me… ;). let’s just say, some playful people and a little exploration… intrigued yet?

other than that, i am beyond tired, and no it’s not just from the week-end… i’ve been battling fatigue for a week now, the aching body, swiss cheese memory kind of fatigue. there is a lot going on mentally/emotionally and it is taking it’s toll i suppose. could it be that my continued living here is sucking every ounce of joy from my life? possibly….but there is more, and the catch 22 is that i’m just too tired to deal with it….

ah…i just want to go back to my week-end…maybe a little more on that when i’m energized again…

oh yes…

in case you might have been wondering….

two fabulous first “dates”…. i say “first” in anticipation of more…. 🙂

what did these dates have in common? intelligent, interesting, unconventional people…. and facets of my being that are just beginning to be explored….

the louvre

the louvre…what a place. i have a new found love of sculpture. while i did not take any pictures of my favorite greek and roman sculptures, i did capture some images of french sculptures in one of my favorite rooms at the museum….the lightness and airy feeling to the room was magical….it was also the room in which i made a friend who taught me a little about art…and about taking chances…