annoying people

jesus f’n christ….people! if you have a complaint, gripe, bitch etc., take it to someone who can do something about it (if something can be done about it)….not just to the person in front of you. seriously! getting ridiculously tired of listening to irrelevant prettiness….ya a little tired and grouchy today…could ya tell? ūüôā


oprah sucks!

yes, i know, so mature of me….

seriously though, i tuned into her show for the first time on about a year and was so¬†disappointed in her lack of understanding and perspective about the very serious issue of public education¬†in the usa.¬†with her new low of uninformed sensationalism she¬†shows herself to be an official bandwagon jumper. not only is¬†her lack of understanding of the issues in education is apparent, ¬†she has also¬†provided a national platform to present an oversimplistic solution to complex problems. what a huge disservice she has done for the children she wants to support. a big “yuck” to her!

isn’t she supposed to be retiring? ¬†none to soon i think. perhaps she should try to be a teacher in an underfunded, demoralized public school…..she wouldn’t last long in the real world – that’s for sure!