the stupa of boudhanath

we spend a day in kathmandu seeing some of the sites. the morning calls us to the white stupa of boudhanath, founded in the 6th century. the eyes on the stupa is one of the famous sites of kathmandu. the air is already hot and dusty. even the shade offers only brief relief, as we walk with many other pilgrims clockwise around the stupa reverently touching the many prayer wheels.  

inside the walls, i am drawn to the bowls of gold flowers.

the flags are worn and paper thin. i love their randomness…

here and there, there are little gems to be seen….

i  also seem to be drawn to animals on this trip, and even here, inside the walls of the stupa, i find two cute pups quietly playing as their mother sleeps not too far away.

i find a shop full of buddhist singing bowls and buy one to bring home. when ringed with a special mallet, these bowls create beautiful tones which can be used for medication and for healing.

i sit on the concrete step as k. and m. as they explore a temple. wishing for a breeze, i watch people –  the school children, old wrinkled ladies, families with young barefoot children, and the oiccasional caucasion tourist – and marvel at the mix of people here.

k. and m. emerge from the little building with cream coloured scarves around their necks. they are followed by a young buddhist monk who drapes my neck with another of the scarves as he gives me a blessing….what a morning….


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