through the haze in the high air, we can see the peak of mount everest.  the plane descends to kathmandu, and another part of the journey unfolds.

i quickly learn that it is not a good idea to tip anyone within sight of other people. we are swarmed by young men wanting money as we pile ourselves and our luggage (swollen with our purchases in chiang mai and bangkok) into a rickety van to take us through the city to our guest house on the outskirts of thamel, the busy tourist area of the kathmandu. navigating the streets in this city is an art. think about the convergence of cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, pedestrians, and the occasional cattle on road with literally no rules of the road. the incessant blaring of horns becomes a musical backdrop to the chaos, and i am quick to learn that the only people who seem to pay attention to the horns are foreigners.

i don’t take pictures in the  city (aside from some of the special spots). i am too busy staying out of the way of traffic in the streets/lanes, and trying to not be so overwhelmed by the heat,  noise, and people that  i don’t run back to the quiet sanctuary of the guesthouse …


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