and….she’s back….

i did it. ‘am finally here. the move i have anticipated and planned for the past year has happened. twelve years later i have left rainy the north coast and am once again perched 9a, like a bird) in lightly less rainy south coast of bc. i’m a vancouver girl now!

the move is not quite complete, but hey, waddya expect when it started the way it did? hmmm, haven’t told you that story yet? well i’ll get to that soon enough….

but for now, i’m ensconsed in my new digs getting used to the traffic noise (no, not really – i’ll never get used to that….really!) wondering how in the hell i’m going to find places for all my crap in this little apartment.

so much to write, but my bed calls….mmm, this feels good – the blogging that is (what did you think i meant…?)


g’night for now




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