just bitching….

yanno that phrase  “if wishes were horses, i’d ride forever”…? that’s me these days.  i wish, i wish,  i wish…

but, the reality is that i have to deal with the fact that i’m in this town for another three months, doing work that i don’t love anymore (for a variety of reasons i won’t get into here…) wanting to be elsewhere, with other people, doing other things…getting on with my life dammit!

now, don’t get me wrong. there a few people here whose company i really enjoy but we will continue our friendships after i leave. we’ll be able to spend time together in the city. but that’s about it. there not much else here for me right now….just a house i don’t want, a job i don’t like (and yes a few people, i’d like to be farther away from…..)

but…i keep telling myseff that i’m here for a reason. besides the fact that i made this choice, there is something in this time for me to learn. well, i’m not so sure it’s patience. but, maybe months from now, i’ll look back and see what it is/was, and be thankful…maybe…..


3 thoughts on “just bitching….

  1. 3 months may seem like forever now, but will go by in the blink of an eye…

    I made the bold statement to my Dad when I was 15 or 16 that I was never going to spend my life doing something I didn’t like for a living like he was. He told me that it wouldn’t matter what I did for the 50 or 60 years I was going to have to work, I was going to hate it before I was done, so if I was smart I’d keep the things I loved for my hobbies and do what I had to for a living…

    I also swore I’d never end up as cynical as it seemed he was…another of those ongoing battles, not helped by the clouds of darkness floating in this world right now!


  2. Three months is a relatively short time if you can manage to NOT mentally countdown every day! good luck with that though! lol. Three months and you’ll be living where you want to live, doing a job you want to do, seeing people and places you want to see. Like Axel Rose said….. Just a little patience………..

  3. swann – ah yes, patience and me are a little at odds these days it seems…lol… but yes, you are right….

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