ennui and cuddles…

well, it’s been a been a while….have been trying out new ventures, getting away for as many weekends as i can, visiting with family, re-evaluating some friendships, and rolling throught the highs and lows of love and sex….

i’ve also realized that i need more laughter in my life. there hasn’t been nearly enough lately…care to help with that?

it’s a bit of a down day today. just a bit of ennui i suppose…wishing it was four months from now, wishing i had someone to cuddle on the couch with here…ah well, it will come with time..i will make it happen (just not so much into loving the “patience” thing…)

so…i’ve also been exploring different aspect  of my sexuality lately…i won’t go into too much detail about it here….yet 😉 …but i will say that i’m surprising myself with a few things…


3 thoughts on “ennui and cuddles…

  1. The journeys our hearts can lead us on are only rivaled by those our mind can when it comes to love and lust…at 53 I still find myself amazed when my heart aches just at the thought of things, or I start to salivate like Pavlov’s dog!

    I hope it never stops!

    Each time I hear about patience being a virtue I hear Mae West’s voice saying something about never wanting to be virtuous!



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