“let’s talk about sex baby…”

hmmm…the plethora of pejorative words that exist to describe women who enjoy a sexually active life outside of long term committed monogamous relationships…

oh, double standards abound… first, a man’s drive for sex is expected, life-affirming…while a woman’s…well, about for a bit…what comes to mind…? hmmm…?

and second, explicit sexuality is considered taboo, dangerous….while explicit violence is much less frowned upon….now, if one were to measure the effects of these on these two “actions” on society, which is more inherently destructive?

your thoughts?


4 thoughts on ““let’s talk about sex baby…”

  1. I think if more people spent thier time engaged in explicit sexuality rather than in explicit violence the world would be a much more peacefull place!

    It’s funny how a man is just “being a man” but a woman is a “slut” that one always pissed me off, if a woman is in the right place mentally and emotionally to enjoy a diverse sex life then hey I say “you go girl” unfortunatly thanks to the restrictions of society those women are few and far between!

    Samantha is my idol!
    love you

  2. Words coined by the patriarchy…”mores” enforced by them as well!

    How much better the world would be had it never existed!

    The wars that would not have been fought…the lands that would not have been pillaged!

    The outrage of Virginia Woolf being invited to Oxford when she wouldn’t have been allowed in it’s library…

    That one should deny themselves one of the most beautiful, soulful acts of existence at the insistence of the soulless gives new meaning to “irony”!

    Hate and intolerance should be the taboos…


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