the quick and dirty…

well…here goes….

wickedly fun week-end in the city…i could go into details, but you’d never think the same of me… ;). let’s just say, some playful people and a little exploration… intrigued yet?

other than that, i am beyond tired, and no it’s not just from the week-end… i’ve been battling fatigue for a week now, the aching body, swiss cheese memory kind of fatigue. there is a lot going on mentally/emotionally and it is taking it’s toll i suppose. could it be that my continued living here is sucking every ounce of joy from my life? possibly….but there is more, and the catch 22 is that i’m just too tired to deal with it….

ah…i just want to go back to my week-end…maybe a little more on that when i’m energized again…


4 thoughts on “the quick and dirty…

  1. I am always intrigued by you…weekend or not!

    I truly believe sometimes that our bodies crave a bit of “hibernation” this time of year! Some biorhythm that predates the industrial revolution that remembers when your day was done at sundown and began again at sunup…not that I have any intention of getting up at sunup without a very good reason!

    So perhaps giving in for a few days if possible and letting it have it’s way would be a good thing?

    Such a beautiful soul to pamper…


  2. have i mentioned lately how much each of you means to me? šŸ™‚ thank-you all for your words. i’m thinkin’ i will take your advice…

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