i developed a crush on him when we first met over ten years ago …. he made me laugh, noticed me when i felt invisible, said i could sing….

in the years in between then and now he came to be a part of my family. we see each other only sporatically, but each time, i  feel my heart smile in his company

the crush is gone now, but little did i know that one day he would come to mean so much to me…. he has let me look into his heart, he was there for me when i needed someone, he does not judge……and i am thankful….


5 thoughts on “d…

  1. thursday – lol…when david reads this, he will laugh…but to clarify, it is a platonic relationship only..he is like a brother to me now….

  2. a loud, redneck, country singin, practical joke playing, meathead of a brother but a brother just the same! lol. I would add a couple of nice things but you said he reads it so I’m not going to!
    Love you.

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