planes, trains, and automobiles….

“just take a deep breathe and relax”…..well, i can imagine that being said in so many situations more pleasurable than today’s.

i was supposed to go to victoria this morning to meet a couple of people i have been wanting to meet for some time now. but instead, my flight was cancelled. now if i’d been thinking, i could have rebooked on another air line (which was apparently flying), but didn’t even think of it at the time! wanting to at least try to enjoy a few hours of the rest of the day in vancouver then, i put my energy into figuring out how to change my victoria-rupert flight to vancouver-rupert. sounds simple enough, right? that’s what i thought. to make a linf story short, two, somewhat snitty, agents said that was impossible. i’d have to cancel the original  booking and rebook a new flight. it would, of course cost much more money….(given the lateness of the new booking). so, i decided, what the hell, i’d take the ferry over to victoria, enjoy the afternoon (sadly, minus the people i was supposed to meet) and take my original flight home…..but then, after getting to the ferry termimal, i hear that the weather is worsening, and some flights in/out of victoira are “iffY’, so i decided i’d better just stay in vancouver……

so here i am, hours to go before i leave, the day wasted…..and what is even more annoying is that i had to get up early instead of spending a leisurely morning lounging around with a new friend…..(but that’s a whole other post…).

p.s. guess what….? when i showed up at the airport, and spoke to an agent here in person explaining that i needed to cancel my original booking and rebook from here, guess what he said? “why don’t you just cancel the victoria-vancouver portion? it’ll be simple and you won’t have to pay anything extra….” go figure….!

oh, by the last trip three weeks ago? … flight from vancouver to ‘rupert got turned around mid-air and returned to vancouver due to ice build up on the wings….in order to get home the same day i had to rebook to terrace, and get a ride to ‘rupert from there….. maybe i should stay home for a while…..


2 thoughts on “planes, trains, and automobiles….

  1. Ack!

    Well, it has been said that the only adventures left are accidental ones… But I guess I wouldn’t go quoting that around Mubai just now.

    Good luck getting back home!

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