random thoughts on a stormy night….

friday night…curled up in my chair relaxing, thinking of the coming week and beyond….

this week i head to vancouver again…..a meeting, a couple of workships to give, a couple of friends to spend time with, an opportunity to maybe make a new friend or two…. and a quick trip to victoria for brunch (you can ask, but i’m not going to tell why….). i’ll just say that i’m looking forward to the coming travel….

and the beyond….? plans for the holidays…a trip to baltimore/washington dc….new years eve in vancouver… spring vacation…selling my house…new work experiences to wrap up my 11 years here…and then moving south to a new job, a rented apartment, and the my life’s next adventure….


4 thoughts on “random thoughts on a stormy night….

  1. Some days I miss adventure….. like right now while my little devil two yr old is hitting me screaming num num, num num (he’s already eaten like 5 times since 7)

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