in the last weeks, i had a few new readers of my blog. new people who are still learning who i am. a diverse, interesting group of people, they have little more in common than my perception of them as people i would enjoy spending time with…. and a concern for me after they read my posts of last weekend….

i usually feel emotions intensely; be it sorrow, joy, or even ennui, strong emotions tend to permeate and consume me. this is not to imply that i am a person who exhibits intense mood swings (it’s a rare ocassion that i’m not on a fairly even keel around people).  as i don’t think it fair to subject others to “moods”, when i’m down, i isolate myself and when i am able, i process how i’m feeling in my writing. sometimes the intensity of the darker places in my life peep through in my words, and if people are just beginning to know me, they worry about me.  what they will soon learn is as that usually as soon as i am am able to process my feelings through words, i am able to move through them, and on to the future…..

so, in short, i am as always, good…and thank-you …. 🙂


2 thoughts on “processing….

  1. That seems fair enough. I have to admit I internalize and (over?)intellectualize emotion. But then, my Significant Other keeps accusing me of Taoism despite my protestations, so maybe the balance is just right.

    Of course, this is the same person who, when breaking off a relationship, decides how much time that person is worth, then “burns” her bad feelings away by being utterly furious for exactly that long, then it’s over. So I’m not sure how sound a judge of balance they might be… 8)

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