an unconventional thanksgiving…

no turkey for me…it was a trip to vancouver instead, spending some time with some family, and an evening with nerdgirl ….

the highlites:

four new pairs of heels….(imelda wannabe?

fabulous steak dinner, great conversation and laughs, a bottle of scotch (not such a good thing the next morning…), and two tix to a canucks game next weekend!!!

sitting on the steps of the vancouver art gallery at 2 in the morning, people watching, eating mcdonald’s fries……

sunday night watching (and talking with) beautiful women taking their off clothes (well, most of their clothes anyhow….), meeting new people, sharing very scintillating stories, and laughing……

and as for thanksgiving dinner….sushi….what else? oh wait, i think there was a meal at denny’s in the wee hours of the morning….i have memories of a cheescake milkshake….. it seemed worth giving thanks for at the time….. 🙂


4 thoughts on “an unconventional thanksgiving…

  1. A little uisge beatha, you say?

    I can’t compete with the with the shoes, I’m afraid (or the ‘Nucks); but I do have about two dozen whiskies stocked at all times… 8)

    And I’m pretty sure I can do something with beautiful women, clothing and laughter. That third seems to happen regularly when I’m near women at night. It would make a less secure man question… certain things… about himself.

  2. That two of those I count as blessings would find some time together is something I am thankful for, along with their sharing a world with me!


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