highs and lows…

                                                   “You’re always free

                                                     to change your mind and

                                                    choose a different future, or

                                                    a different


                                                                            -richard bach



after a rough night, i needed to remember these words….


4 thoughts on “highs and lows…

  1. …..and if your really really lucky you’ll have a few good freinds who will be there no matter what future you choose……and you are!

  2. i do count both of you as friends..and that means more to me than i ever used to realize…:)
    ya…paris, and the rest of the world, beckons 🙂

  3. My fondness of Richard Bach predates his fame outside aviation…even then his words were magic!

    Here they were never truer!

    May the rest of the world “be your oyster”!


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