thoughts from last friday…

ontario and two friends…

i ran away from home this week. away from the thought of returning to work, or returning to my life. i ran here to toronto, just for a few days, just to take another breath…and i have it. i found it in two special friends…

patti….we see each other only periodically….months and months go by without contact….but she is there….we pick up as if we never left off….

she picked me up fom the airport and we spent a few hours catching up…well, i did most of the talking (she is patient with me)… the next day we sat by her garden, the sun shining, eating the edemame she had grown herself, marvelling at the beauty of the delicate leafbug she happened upon. i met her 2 amazing little girls again….

with no judgement, she listens, she accepts, she celebrates…her love is intense, it is real. i am honured that she is in my life….

damien….a former room-mate…my oldest friend…we are in each others lives for good…no amount of time will change that….he is a part of my past, my present, and my future…

i remember our past as i see him now, and marvel at how he has created his life, the life he shares with his partner and their two sons….

a midnight swim in the pool, cigarellos, a 12 year old bottle of scotch, and a soak in the hot-tub….medicine indeed for a restless soul….

breakfast and coffee in the backyard (thank-you mike), a hug from their 2 sweet boys, and i’m off again…..

tonight i sit here in a beautiful hotel room, glass of red wine, and my thoughts….it’s a friday night in toronto. i had thought to go out to a club or a bar and find some adventure…instead, i chose to order room-service, and have a hot bath….

i’m thinking about patti and damien and their families, and about other friends who choose to be in my life… e.b. who writes to reminds me that she’s glad i’m in her life, like e.c. who is as much friend as family….like r.s. who just patiently accepts, and has been there for me when i finally let her….and about the friends that have lost contact..who have floated away….


5 thoughts on “thoughts from last friday…

  1. I was told once many years ago that when you reach your deathbed if you can count the “true friends” of your life on one hand you have lived well!

    Though striking me as cynical at the time (I was in my 20’s and the man speaking was in his 60’s) I’ve come to see that perhaps he wasn’t so cynical at all!

    It sounds like you have the makings of a very nice handful!


  2. alan,
    although we’ve never met in person, i’d like to count you amoung them. your words to me have so often lifted my heart and enriched my spirit…

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