conversations in a hallway….

He announces, “We’re just conduits for god. God come into us. God comes out through us.”

            I stop for a moment and look at him, not knowing how to being to explain what he obviously does not understand about me. “If by ‘God’, you mean some entity external to ourselves, then there is no ‘God’. It’s not a part of my belief system.

            “But we cannot exist without God. It is what we are.”

“No”, I counter, “we are energy. All that is, all this world, what we can fathom, and what we cannot, is a kind of energy. The wonder of each of us, the wonder of the world, of the universe is energy. Sometimes I call it my spirit, sometimes my soul, but it is all energy that connects us”.

            “Do you believe in love?” he asks.


            “Well, that is God”.


3 thoughts on “conversations in a hallway….

  1. Having seen far too much cruelty based on “my God” versus “your God”, I drew away from those who believe them a very long time ago now.

    My own defintion, were I bright enough to place it into words, would come much closer to yours. I also believe that the energy we send into the universe comes back to us, be it positive or negative, so I try very hard to remain positive!

    Though it doesn’t make much sense, I guess, it seems to help me, anyway…


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