“perchance to dream”

oh to sleep…
what would i give for a night’s sleep?
for at least 4 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep….?
i don’t know….

i have insomnia, no more than an hour of sleep at a time…and even that hour is not restful. then i awake…fully… and to the realization that the night will be a long one indeed….
i’ve finally given up. i’ve gone to bed at least three times tonight…and three times after fitful dozing, given up and come into the living room to surf the next, or chat on-line….i’m now up for the day…at 5 am on a morning with a cup of coffee, waiting for the sun to rise…

my latest undertaking….on-line “chatting”….

i never thought i would do that…..”meet” people on-line and chat (aside from getting to know people through my and their blogs) but i have. i took the plunge and even started instant messaging (yes….i am way behind the curve on that one…) and in a phrase…holy fuck!…there are some interesting people in this world. i mean that in the best way, and in the worst way….in order to meet some sane (well, relatively….) people, i’ve had to wade through some muck. and the muck doesn’t always make itself evident at first….

anyhow, i shall continue with the chatting thing for a while, and see where it takes me. the truth is, i am in search of something more than what i have made of my life so far. i have 10 more months to go before i move, but mentally, i’m ready to go now. i want to meet more people….to travel….to have adventures…i’m ready for that now…maybe too ready…

i need somebody to remind me to be patient….that i will be able to make my life what i want of it, but that it might take a little time….


3 thoughts on ““perchance to dream”

  1. I’m still trying to “fix” my hours to day ones; regimenting a bedtime that’s before my last break at work was and trying to get up in the mornings, preferably without chemical assistance (melatonin or caffeine). It would be so terrible easy to let them slip back to their old natural rhythm!

    You have made some bold steps in making your life what you wish it to be, much more so than I or so many others. I have no doubt that other steps just as bold will follow, while I admire your courage!


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