the louvre

the louvre…what a place. i have a new found love of sculpture. while i did not take any pictures of my favorite greek and roman sculptures, i did capture some images of french sculptures in one of my favorite rooms at the museum….the lightness and airy feeling to the room was magical….it was also the room in which i made a friend who taught me a little about art…and about taking chances…


2 thoughts on “the louvre

  1. Though I haven’t seen anything so magnificent as The Louvre, I’ve been amazed at how I’m drawn to sculpture as well. I’ve found things I could admire for hours!

    As I admire the one teaching you about taking chances!


  2. alan, i especially am drawn to the sensuality of the forms. the greek and romans were masters at this. yes, he provided a necssary spark to my life when i did not realize just how much i needed it…:)

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