blue and stars in honour of the european union...


well, since last, i’ve taken an open air tour to see paris by night, wandered around the left bank of paris, and spent a day at chateau versailles….the lights of paris at night, and the gardens at versailles were spectacular….i understand why paris is called the city of lights.  all the major monuments are lit so exquisitely. even the blue of the eiffel tower (blue in honour of the european union) was not garish.





the hall of mirrors...

the former palace of three of the louis and of marie antointte was fabulous. the grounds are immense and the garden was designed to create open air rooms that the court could use for different functions ranging from breakfast to evening dances. i especially loved the fountains and the classical music being played on the palace grounds.

i found an english book store (shakespeare and company) on the left bank and purchased a couple of books on jean-jacques rousseau as well as a biography of two infamous paris lesbians during the turn of the last (or is it the one before last) century.

i was also introduced to the back courtyard of the louvre last friday, where one can sit in the evenings and listen to live chamber music while admiring the architecture of the louvre.

i’ve finally found my stride in paris…thanks to some advice from friends….and, perhaps, thanks to the sensual adel….who i may just write about at a future time…. 🙂

today i had lunch in the sun at a little cafe and will soon be meandering my way over to the musee d’orsay to look at some impressionist paintings…

still missing friends and family, but life is good right now 🙂



2 thoughts on “ah…paris…

  1. Finding your stride in Paris…wow what a dream!

    I am glad life is good despite the missing; what stories you’ll have to remember!


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