well, last monday was the french national holiday so i ventured forth to the champs du mars to see the fireworks at the eiffel tower….i got there early in the afternoon, as recommended…. and spent the day laying on the grass and reading. it was a gorgeous warm, sunny day, and i was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a concert before the fireworks. there were a few mediocre (to my tastes) french singers, but then all of a sudden, james blunt was on stage singing…now, that was a great surprise, and as it turned out, the highlight of the evening! the fireworks themselves were not so spectacular, but worse was that, by the time they started, the place was shoulder to shoulder with people – it was seriously crowded! i actually got into an international spat with some people. (…i realized that i can be quite a bitch when people piss me off….)


when the fireworks (figurative and literal) were over it took quite some time to get out of the immediate vicinity of the tower. at times trying to get where i was going was like trying to swim against a rip tide…. :). i walked home (a few hours) almost uneventfully. i did meet a good-looking, stylish man from senegal on my way home who asked me out for a date the next day but i politely declined of course…(why couldn’t i have come here when i used to date men…).


today i went to giverny to see claude monet’s home and gardens, especially the famous japanese garden he built, and filled with

monet's japanese garden
monet's japanese garden

the water lillies for which he is famous. apparently, he once said that the only two things he was any good at were gardening and painting…well, those two things were definitely enough…




tomorrow i’ll be taking an open air night tour on an open double decker to see paris by night! that should be beautiful… and saturday i’ll be heading to opulent palace of versailles. i remember learning about versailles in highschool (yes, way back then …) and thinking that i’d love to see the gardens there someday. well, that someday is finally here….


i think the key to me enjoying my trip here alone is to stay busy (which will be easy enough to do)….i’m contemplating a train trip to london next week….that might be fun….i’ll let you know…


au revoir,



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