i do love the architecture...
i do love the architecture...

it’s been a mellow few days…a little shopping, a lot of reading (i’ve lost track of the number of novels i’ve read in the last week) and a little aimless wandering…





a few interesting things I’ve noticed….many of the streets are no bigger than alleyways in north America…in fact, many of the alleyway sized streets, also have streets off of them…all named.

motorcycles and scooters abound….it is common to see a motorcycle suddenly swerve of the road onto a sidewalk to park.

traffic circles are madness….there is no other word to describe them. most, in central paris, have no lanes indicated, so it just becomes a moving obstacle course for vehicles…

i went into a gourmet shop today, and after speaking to me first in french, the clerk said he thought i was french from the way i looked…it must have been the sunglasses J (i can communicate ever so haltingly in french, but when someone speaks to me, it just seems to all roll over my head).


well, time to head out again for some more aimless wandering…


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