now that work is slowing down, i’m giving myself some time to begin reflecting on the last few months. i thought last fall was tumultuous (it was!), but it seems the last few months have been as intense. so many layers that have begun peeling back…revealing so many more…ah, life is interesting…

now i take a deep breath, pack my bags and set out (in another week or so) for five weeks of travel…three and a half weeks in the centre of glorious paris, and then some roaming around bc before hitting vancouver for pride! i shall return exhausted and full!

as for today, it’s summer solstice. a friend of mine is going to do her own private solstice ritual tonight – a cleansing of sorts. it reminded me to honour not only this time of year, but also the transitions and growth in my own life. i shall spend the night alone, doing some cleaning (metaphorically, and literally) and i will light a candle (bonfires are a little scary indoors…) to celebrate the passing of the seasons…                                                                                                                            


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