what do i hold onto, when in a dark moment i think i miss something that i never really had…?

“every person,

all the events in your life

   are there because you have

          drawn them there.

                              what you choose

                                 to do with them is

                              up to you.”

                                    – richard bach



every painful event is a gift…to learn from, or not….to grow from, or not….to acknowledge, or not

it’s up to me….

and to live life in sadness,

or in joy…

that’s also my choice…







6 thoughts on “life

  1. Have you read Dan Millman’s books – they are very good, think you might enjoy them. In one of them he wrote “happiness is something you are, not something that happens to you”.

    I went “ah ha” finally – it only took 40 some odd years to figure out.


  2. i found your blog via Alan.

    simply said, well put, and takes practice to manifest. The thing I love about getting older is that my authentic inner voice speaks more clearly to me than the voices of those around me. It’s a joy to discover I can indeed make my happiness – and my misery. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

  3. That statement is so true, it is what it is and what it is is what we make it! Your joy is coming you just have to be willing to say yes to it!
    love you

  4. mlc – i’ll take a look for his books. i’ll have a few picnic lunches reading on the bank of the seine in paris.

    tara dharma – now i’m working on moving that knowledge from my head to my being…

    swann – love you too!

    prin, nerdgirl – thank-you!


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