hot and sexy!…. greys’ was yummy tonight…so many kisses…and finally callie and hahn….

well, i’m back from new york – albeit reluctantly…i will be going back again…’don’t know when, but i will do it. ironically, everything i thought i would not like about the city – the noise, the crowds, the traffic – was what i loved about it….even the nightly piles of garbage put out by businesses for the overnight pick up didn’t faze me!

so where did i leave off last time…? well, we headed to broadway for another show, the musical murder mystery (yes, an odd combo) Curtains, with david hyde pierce (niles from “frasier”). it was quirky and funny, and dhp was fabulous.

i shopped a little (yes, only a little), walked a lot, and travelled the subway. i visited the famed Macy’s department Store (huge), and tried on dozens of gowns just for fun….we ate shrimp at a forrest gump themed restaurant in time square, and grabbed coffees from starbucks in front of the mighty new york stock exchange every lunch hour. it’s quite the imposing structure (the nyse, not starbucks – but i bet starbucks has the better coffee). we saw baby tigers from a boston zoo being unloaded in midtown (and can’t figure out what on earth they were doing there with nary a zoo in sight…), and ate way too much chocolate (our hotel was beside a godiva’s chocolate)…

i am tired though. we were there afterall for work and the days were long.

now i’m counting down the days until july and i head off to paris. i have a wander lust in my feet, and the cities are calling me….i’m also thinking that a year from now i’ll be moving again 🙂 i’m absolutely ready to go….but, in the meantime, i will live in the present, the here and now, and that means getting some rest so i can go into work tomorrow and do my job….

 oh ya, and pictures to come…




3 thoughts on “smokin’

  1. Your writing almost makes me feel like I was there with you. Were not going to lose you to NYC or Paris are we? could be a little tough to send you the boys for Spring break, lol. Wherever you go tho I’m so glad you made the decision to move.

    Keep writing, I’m living vicariously through you!
    🙂 E

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