The Big Apple

thoughts from new york city…


i LOVE this city. it is noisy, crazy, and amazingly diverse. there is something here that calls to me (which surprises the hell out of me).


we arrived on saturday afternoon after a grueling red-eye from bc to a small, 4-star in midtown. after lunch,  a nap,and a shower, it was off to do the touristy 2-hour double decker bus night tour (which i highly recommend for first time visitors). some highlights of the bus tour included:

the crusty, down to earth, third generation new york tour guide who shared his love for this city,

a trip over one of the bridges into brooklyn (the views across the river were classic nyc),

a yummy, salty new york street vendor pretzel (okay, i’m that easy to please…),

a trip through china town                                  

the garish, brilliantly lit time square,

“ground zero”….accompanied by the tour guide’s personal story of the day…..which brought back my own clear memories of that morning, and the sadness i felt for many months afterward…

and many more quintissential new york sites….


sunday held a solitary walking afternoon for me. while my colleagues/friends were off doing their own things, i went for a walk down lexington avenue inhaling the flavour of this place. needless to say a few hours later my feet were in need of some pampering, so an pedicure was in order (is it ever not…?)…


last night was great. we went to see mama mia on broadway. i’d see it again….if you’re an abba fan (and i admit to being one) the musical is a must see…funny and entertaining…


today, the rain finally hit the city, but that doesn’t seem to slow anything down…the streets are packed with people, jostling for space on the sidewalk, while at the same time avoiding being stabbed in the eye with the multitude of umbrellas…


i’m back in my hotel room right now, drinking my starbucks (yes, civilization has arrived in the east …) and savouring (well, gobbling was more like it) a godiva chocolate brownie, awaiting my appointment for a massage (decadent yes! i may be easy, but am not cheap…)


i hear the incessant honking of horns out my window, and the intermittent sirens which seem to be ever constant backdrop to this city….


‘till next time,



One thought on “The Big Apple

  1. There are so many places I would love to see there, but fear I never will, not only due to expense but also fear of that throng you describe all trying to go those same places!

    When I used to read “The New Yorker” and read of all the silent film screenings at the MoMA and other places (here I’m lucky to get one a year); when I think of that beautiful library with the lions out front I’ve seen on film my whole life, I truly envy you!


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